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30 Apr. 2022

Thinking about what my next camera will be

I miss owning a “real” camera. →

25 Apr. 2022

Twitter: The End

Deleting my Twitter account has been on my mind for a while anyway. →

27 Mar. 2022

If only comments on the internet were always like this

Who knew reading comments online could be this fun? →

19 Mar. 2022

Universal wonderment

Universal Control is delightful, if not that useful →

17 Mar. 2022

Justin Smith shares new, meaningless details on his future media venture

What is the word for “media vapourware”? →

3 Mar. 2022

The beauty of text files

Light, fast, universal: what’s not to like? →

16 Feb. 2022

Google search isn’t very good and yet still the best around

The alternatives can’t really compete. →

10 Feb. 2022

A short list of recommended Mac and iOS apps — 2022 edition

Tools, services, and apps that I use and/or love. →

9 Feb. 2022

Zuckerberg doesn’t want to quit, even if a new CEO may be what Meta needs

Mark: just quit already, enjoy your life. →

4 Feb. 2022

Saying goodbye to DuckDuckGo

After the switch, I will miss the actual switch. →

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