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18 January 2022

Having a blog is good, writing on it is better

15 January 2022

Tumblr, without ever really leaving, is back (apparently)

13 January 2022

Bear: an interesting, worth-knowing, and fast blogging platform

12 January 2022

YouTube keeps on letting misinformation spread and reach millions of people

10 January 2022

My first and last post on Web3

5 January 2022

Ben Smith’s new media venture could be the one I’ve been looking for

1 January 2022

A break was needed

21 October 2021

The future of Microsoft in smartphones continues to unfold, and it still sucks

30 September 2021

Abandoning Lightning for USB-C on the iPhone would not be progress

24 September 2021

The European Commission wants to impose USB-C on most mobile devices

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