Four things you need to start a blog

If you want to start a blog, start by considering these recommendations first. →

A great and completely unexpected Read Later app

The app that makes me think: “It looks too good to be true” (and for good reasons) →

I bought a new camera: the Ricoh GRIIIx

I don't want to remember the most precious moments of my life through smartphone photos. →

We already know the name of the World Cup 2022 winner: Qatar

This competition has never been easier to skip. →

On the importance of the date

Date is a crucial indicator of the context of a news article, of a note, and of most things really. →

Ten perks of taking a walk every day

The commute substitute I need to function. →

Finding a native and fast text editor for the Mac in 2022

I guess the abundance of choice makes finding the right one difficult. →

Leaving Twitter but reading tweets via RSS

Twitter is at its best when it’s not surrounded by Twitter. →

Twitter verified accounts for Blue subscribers are live. Sort of. Somewhere. Soon.

Cue jokes about this not being rocket science. →

What CSS is best: external or internal?

I'm not an expert and I have some questions. →
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