The age of (me needing to learn more about) AI has begun

This AI train is fast, its destination is unknown, but I need to catch it nevertheless.→

The truth about read-later services

Great intentions, but saving an article for later feels more and more like an excuse to not read anything.→

Jason Kottke: 25 years of blogging

Rude not to write about an amazing accomplishment by one of the best websites around.→

Of course younger people don’t know how to use a printer

It is easy to laugh but we should stop having unrealistic expectations.→

The Mac and iOS apps I use — 2023 edition

These lists will eventually get boring once I find my definitive set up.→

Good reads and perspectives on generative AI and ChatGPT

Deep down you know you want to read more about this topic.→

A very annoying little thing or bug on Safari

This right-click menu isn't right.→

On the state of Android apps

Outside of Google’s own apps, most Android apps are pretty bad and unrefined.→

AI is about to face its biggest challenge yet: trying to make Bing not suck

A Bing comeback in the game of search would be the story of the decade.→

On AI-generated content and the future of my job

I should be all over this, but I don’t seem to have an opinion yet.→