What is a website, according to Laurel Schwulst

→ One of my favourite read of the year.

The real goal of the Apple Watch Ultra

→ For Apple, the Ultra is not about Garmin or climbing mountains.

Regrets or humble brag?

→ Maybe billionaires should sometimes just shut up.

On turtlenecks, focus, and minimalism

→ On Steve Jobs’ wardrobe designed by the late Issey Miyake.

The new Instagram is not the old Instagram and it’s fine?

→ Why Instagram is evolving and why most users won't quit anyway.

Replacing your phone battery instead of buying a new one

→ The value of a new battery far outweighs the cost IMHO.

The whole thing might as well have been a joke

→ Remember Car Thing? Probably not, but now it's dead anyway.

A list of all the 3rd party apps currently installed on my devices

→ An exhaustive list of downloaded apps covering all my needs.

Twitter to launch feature allowing users to post long-form content

→ Is it finally the end of Twitter threads?

Apple signs a 10-year deal with the Major League Soccer

→ Huge opportunity for Apple, and for the MLS.

The Lotus philosophy applied to blog design

→ Among the results: a new Blot template available to all.

The most minimal blog you can find

→ And here I was, naively thinking my blog was kind of minimal…
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