How Steve Sinofsky changed Microsoft

Great piece on ZDNet:

So although the public release of the news might have been surprising in its suddenness, the timing certainly shouldn’t be. Windows 8 and the Surface have shipped. Planning for the next release of Windows (and maybe future Surface devices) is still in the early stages. It is the right time to make a management change.

The timing might be right but the “effective immediately” part is a big deal. Working on Windows 8 and Surface at Microsoft is probably not an easy thing. You might need some time off after that and maybe leave in January.

But there is something else here. Leaving out of the blue after 23 years in Redmond? Come on. Sinofsky was thought by many to be the next CEO.

Maybe the reason of the sudden departure is not Ballmer, maybe it is not the will to relax. Maybe the reason is right in front of us.