Five social media trends for brands in 2016

Another great post by Jerry Daykin. I’m really curious about what brands will do with IM apps outside of China. IM seems tricky since it is a real personal space, way more than a Twitter or Facebook feed, and advertisers or brands can face a huge obstacle there.

My favorite part of Daykin’s post:

Producing just one or two great posts a month removes the need to churn out thoughts of the day and reactive nonsense, and allows you to focus resources on producing something genuinely memorable.

I usually compare brand strategies on social media to the r/K selection theory in biology: Either you produce a lot of simple posts and hope that at the end, some of them will stick to the reader’s mind; Or you create a few quality pieces, more refined and with better personalisation. Of course, each strategy’s success will depend on who your main target audience is.