Is Twitter at risk of becoming irrelevant?

Joshua Topolsky, on The New Yorker — The End of Twitter:

We live in the Age of the Upgrade, and the generation raised on the Internet is the most fickle of brand champions: they love something passionately, until they don’t. Then they move on.

Topolsky summarised the Twitter situation very well: what makes people stick to Twitter today may not be the same tomorrow, and Twitter need to figure what it is to avoid a mass exile to a shinier space, let it be Snapchat, Facebook or something completely new.

I will apply Betteridge’s law of headlines on my title: I don’t believe Twitter will become irrelevant anytime soon, but they need to choose a destination and wash the windshield so the passengers — the users — can have a vague idea of where the car is going (yes in this metaphor Twitter is a car).

Like I said here before, I am worried. Worried that Twitter will lose some of its best users first, and what makes it great starts to erode slowly. As a longtime user, I hope this won’t happen.