OnePlus reveals the OnePlus 6

After weeks and weeks of teases, leaks, rumours, the OnePlus 6 was unveiled earlier today. Marques Brownlee is part of the first batch of YouTubers that were able to do a “hands-on” video of the phone. A few notes on the successor of the OnePlus 5T, which is the phone I use every day:

  1. Update: Apparently the glass helps with network connectivity, allowing the device to reach faster 4G speeds.↩︎

  2. Thankfully there is a software feature to “disable” the notch, which makes the phone look much better IMHO. (Symmetry!)↩︎

  3. The Mix 2 from Xiaomi I think had the best design of all, along with the Essential Phone. I considered it for a while before getting the 5T. The Mix 2S did not really live up to this particular design: the new camera placement ruined, guess what, the symmetry.↩︎