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by Nicolas Magand

16 May 2018

OnePlus reveals the OnePlus 6

After weeks and weeks of teases, leaks, rumours, theOnePlus 6 was unveiled earlier today. Marques Brownlee is part of the first batch of YouTubers that were able to do ahands-on” video of the phone. A few notes on the successor of the OnePlus 5T, which is the phone I use every day:

  • Why does it have a glass back if wireless charging isn’t available? Maybe it will come with the 6T? Glass is obviously more fragile than metal, ceramic, or plastic. It is heavier, and also more slippery. The only good reason to have a glass back is wireless charging.1 It may look more shiny, but most people will then use a case or a skin anyway.
  • Mandatory and welcome camera and chip upgrades, but nothing really new besides this glass back, water resistance, and yeah, the notch. I don’t mind notches. What I do mind is having a notch while having a chin” or bottom bezel: It makes them look a bit asymmetrical.2Notches obviously became a marketing feature, for the phone to be part of the iPhone X-class of phones in the eye of the potential buyer. So far, I think only Apple, Xiaomi,3and Essential Phone really nailed the bezel-less” design.Vivo’s prototypesure looks interesting, but a prototype if far from becoming a device shipping to millions of customers in just a few months. Pretty sure every company has a prototype like this by now, they just decide not to show it.
  • Speaking of marketing, I am not a big fan of themarketing campaign for this phone: I really can’t figure it out. Not a big fan either of therecent ventureof OnePlus into theugly worldof cryptocurrencies. I am sensible to what brands do outsides of the products I end up buying, because I am nowlimiting the numbers of brands I buy from, choosing them more carefully.
  • The usual six-month cycle update from OnePlus: improvements here and there, consistant build quality and software polish, fantastic value.

  1. Update: Apparently the glass helps withnetwork connectivity, allowing the device to reach faster 4G speeds.↩︎

  2. Thankfully there is a software feature to disable” the notch, which makes the phone look much better IMHO. (Symmetry!)↩︎

  3. The Mix 2 from Xiaomi I think had the best design of all, along with the Essential Phone. I considered it for a while before getting the 5T. The Mix 2S did not really live up to this particular design: the new camera placement ruined, guess what, the symmetry.↩︎


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