Musk gets closer and closer to become a typical Bond villain

An interesting — to say the least — article about Elon Musk by Erin Biba, following his dumb tweets from last week, and him calling “BS” the work of a nanotechnology researcher named Upulie Divisekera (because he is now a nanotech expert apparently):

I was concerned that Musk doesn’t realise the broader impact of his lashing out. With every criticism lobbed at a journalist, (or a scientist), Musk reinforces the growing public mistrust of essential institutions seeded by the Donald Trump wing of the GOP. And, though the Tesla co-founder later clarified that he believes some nanoscience is legitimate, the downstream result of his original tweet is that Divisekera has spent days defending her science and explaining why it’s legitimate.

I could not agree more and I’m glad Biba points it out. I told before that I believe Musk knows what he is doing: delegitimising voices of authority for his own benefits. Journalists’ voices when it comes to the coverage of Tesla’s workers wishes of unionisation, and maybe now scientists’ work because it gives him some extra science cred among his fans?

Biba adds:

We need to make these men look at themselves and recognise the true scope of their power and the RESPONSIBILITY TO HUMANITY that comes with it.

Indeed, Musk’s recent tweets are either irresponsible, dumb, or malevolent.