The worst possible way to get caught forging documents

Tu Thanh Ha, writing for The Globe and the Mail:

Friday’s ouster of Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif wasn’t just a momentous event in the Asian country but also big news for fans of typography.

A key part of the corruption case that led to Mr. Sharif’s removal from power hinged on the typeface used in a financial document.

The controversy was therefore dubbed Fontgate and on Friday, headline writers and wags on Twitter were saying that Pakistan was now “Sans Sharif.”

In a nutshell: They used Calibri to create a fake document supposed to have been written in 2006, a year before the font was available to the public.

I’m sure a lot of graphic designers and people at Microsoft had a good laugh about this; going to the trouble of forging a document and not thinking of not using the — infamously bland — Microsoft Word’s default font.