A great little game to enjoy

This Sunday I had all the time I needed to write a few blog posts, finally. A quiet, lazy Sunday at home. It was raining outside almost the entire day, nothing was planned. The kind of day where you enjoy reading a good book and drinking a cup of tea.

Waking up this morning I had big plans, continuing with my big November engagement in mind: publish seven posts a week. I thought had enough time to read, prepare two or three posts, do some cleaning, cook, spend some time playing one or two Apple Arcade games (which are great: special mention to Tangle Tower), and maybe watch the first episode of For All Mankind.1

I barely did any of it, of course. And tonight, as I was searching my Twitter bookmarks for something to post today, I found a tweet from Tim Holman mentioning this little game called Little Alchemy. So I tried it.

A few hours later, I am now sure that I won’t have time to do any of the things I hoped to do today. This game is fantastic and pretty simple: You start with the four classical elements, and you mix them two-by-two to see what happens, and unlock new items to play with. For instance: “Earth” plus “Water” equals “Mud”; “Mud” plus “Fire” equals “Brick” and so on.

When I reached 40 new items or so, I felt I was getting very close to the end of the game, finally. But there are apparently 720 different elements to discover. So I decided to share this fantastic piece of entertainment right here, so that everyone reading this can try Little Alchemy 2 and get nothing done.2

  1. A rather good first episode, but one big question remains: what is the font used in the opening credits? I was suspecting Alto Mono or Rubik at first, but maybe it is a custom DIN font? 

  2. Oh great there is an iOS app too…↩︎