The Jolly Teapot

by Nicolas Magand

28 March 2020

Be ready for what is coming on LinkedIn, or don’t

Cheyenne MacDonald, writing on Input about the upcoming big feature on LinkedIn: stories. The title of the article really says it all: Nobody wants Stories on their LinkedIn feed, but she gets right to the point when she describes what is coming:

LinkedIn Stories inevitably promise to bring well-manicured, painfully corporate video clips to your feed as a way to mix up the approach to networking.

When there is a conversation about LinkedIn, I always make the same joke: the first thing I would do if I ever win big at the lottery is to delete my LinkedIn account, and only then I would tell my wife.

Of course LinkedIn is great at what it does: connecting people looking for a job with people looking for an employee. I found my current job on LinkedIn. I found my previous job on LinkedIn, and I will probably find the next one on LinkedIn too.

Outside of sharing profiles and job offers, I find the rest of it either useless, obnoxious, or downright pretentious. I’m sure some people enjoy the news feed, the groups, or even Pulse, and I may be the one missing out on something. My loss. I can only hope that LinkedIn stories will only be a thing on the mobile app, which I don’t have installed on my phone.


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