The Jolly Teapotby Nicolas Magand
31 March 2020

A new (old) way to follow The Jolly Teapot

Up until now, you only had three different ways to stay up-to-date with the latest posts on this blog:

  • direct access: if you have The Jolly Teapot in your bookmarks (hello Mom), or if you type” in your web browser every time you have a minute of free time (like I’m sure you do)
  • social media: you follow me on Twitter, somehow have not muted me yet, and you see me tweet when new posts are published.
  • RSS: the RSS feed is for me the best way — by far — to follow any blog or website (even some YouTube channels) on the internet. I understand it is also the least practical way for many people to follow a website, as many have been avoiding RSS feeds and RSS readers altogether since the end of Google Reader, seven years ago.

Acknowledging that RSS is sadly not widely used (a story for a future post), I prepared a newsletter on the fantastic Buttondown service, ready to be edited and sent once or twice a month, depending on the volume of new posts published on The Jolly Teapot. Think of this newsletter as a RSS-through-email summary feed, with an extra something on top of it.

I believe the first emails will be sent next week, or maybe mid-April, who knows really? If you want to join the party, you can already subscribe here 📧. Thank you!

PS: I have made sure the newsletter won’t track who opens, clicks, or forwards the emails, because we are already tracked more than enough, aren’t we?


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