What is it like to be a copywriter in a company

Well-written, funny, on point, and entertaining read from Clare Barry, on how it can be for creative copywriters when it comes to feedback and suggestions from everyone else in the company:

There’s a joke in the creative industry that “everyone is a designer”, making light of how infuriating it is to have someone (without a visual background) tell a designer how things should look.

It’s a huge and common problem, caused by a “client is always right” attitude — something we’ve all experienced, and all must endure. There is a point where you can actually see the lights go off in a designer’s eyes as their soul tries to escape their body — and that point is usually the 10th round of amends.


Less talked about is the “everyone is a copywriter” problem.

I never worked as a copywriter, but for many projects and campaigns during my previous jobs, I pretty much had a copywriter role, and these experiences gave me enough background for me to laugh while thinking “exactly!” a few times reading this piece. Does it count as copywriter-cred?