“I’ve fallen in love with blogging again”

A few months ago, my old Twitter pal Daniel Benneworth-Gray quoted late screenwriter and director Nora Ephron, on blogging. The quote is very interesting1 but Daniel’s comment got my attention:

It’s startling how quickly we’ve taken for granted this incredible new freedom to publish something, anything, nothing. I’ve fallen in love with blogging again; my own little corner of internet that I can spill my thoughts into without fear of them being washed away by the social media tide. Most of it may be inconsequential whatever, but it’s my inconsequential whatever.

As I am skimming through my barely infinite read-later list, I keep on discovering little gems like this one. Considering what is currently happening in the world, you can expect a lot more of these is the coming days, or weeks. Maybe I should think of a way to combine and compile them, or give this kind of short post a clever name.2

Anyway, I cannot be the only one thinking that My inconsequential whatever would be a fantastic title for an autobiography, can I?

  1. “A blog is sort of like an exhale.” The whole thing is brilliant. Go read it now.↩︎

  2. Obviously The Skimm came to mind.↩︎