Another advantage of the iPhone SE to consider for Apple

The Guardian’s Samuel Gibbs, quoting Ben Wood, the chief of research at CCS Insight, about what could mean the iPhone SE for Apple:

“Apple will be nervously waiting to see whether the arrival of such an affordable and well-specified iPhone will make consumers think twice about buying its premium flagship products, which, depending on configuration, can easily approach three times the cost of the new iPhone SE. History shows that iPhone purchasers seem happy to pay the premium Apple’s products command, but the current global economic uncertainty risks challenging this assumption.”

I did not think of this yesterday when I wrote about the iPhone SE but this is a very interesting point indeed. If the economy remains troubled for a while, the iPhone SE may not only convince first-time iPhone buyers like teenagers and seniors, but also regular edition iPhone buyers too, who may prefer the SE and staying on iOS rather than switching to Android, at least that is what Apple must think.