Logos, memory, accuracy: pick two

In an already-seen-before exercice, 100 different people from the UK were asked to draw motoring logos purely from memory:

We analysed over 1,000 drawings, that took over 60 hours to draw, noting everything from the colours used, to the shapes remembered, the styling of the font and the impact of the smaller details. Our research revealed many memory mishaps, but also demonstrated which motoring legacies are seemingly engrained in our memories forever.

The results are either hilarious, impressive, or just plain weird: my favourites are the “eye” for Peugeot, and the Olympics sign for Audi. Interesting how the BMW and Ford blue and white colour patterns were well memorised by people, while the Citroën logo appeared for both Peugeot and Renault. As a car geek, I think I would have done very well, except obviously for Vauxhall, which is the brand under which Opel cars are sold in the UK, and only in the UK.