If coronavirus was covered the same way American media covered Ebola

Jina Moore on The Elephant got the wonderful idea to describe the current coronavirus outbreak in the US, as a pastiche of the way American and Western media had covered the latest Ebola virus major outbreak in West Africa. Short extract below, but you should definitely go read the whole thing:

Though the country has not experienced violent conflict recently, the United States is wrought with long-standing political divisions between its urban and rural tribes, which have repeatedly renounced efforts to find common ground.

“It’s almost as if they are opposed to the common good on principle”, said Tesfaye Haile, who spent eight years as Ethiopia’s ambassador to the United Kingdom. “This kind of division and the institutional inertia it creates is simply the way of life there”.

Absolutely brilliant, funny and sadly, very much on-point. Best read of the week, by far. The correction at the end of the article is the cherry on the cake.