It’s that time of year again

Mark Gurman, writing for Bloomberg about the latest iPad Pro and its M1 chip:

It’s time for Apple to pull off the Band Aid and merge the iPad and Mac—at least their operating systems.

The company seems to have done everything it can to delay the inevitable. Over the past few years, it has danced around the idea of combining the Mac and iPad software ecosystems—to a confusing degree.

This whole piece is either a really bad take and doesn’t grasp anything about software, usability, or even why Apple does what it does, or it’s just a premature, rushed, yearly click-bait article. Not sure which.

UPDATE: There seems to be a trend, with the latest nonsencical article published the next day on the Verge: basically zero regard on the UX except opinions like “it would be cool” and an abundance of expressions like “natural,” “really need,” and “makes sense.”

I understand the idea of these wishes, I understand the appeal of saying bold things like “iPad and Macs should merge,” but I don’t understand the lack of sensibility towards interface design, on how software works, especially coming from tech-centric publications. This may just be some click-bait column, a random harmless opinion piece that makes a lot of people react, and maybe it even opens up a debate, but to me it activates a voice in my head saying “you should just stop reading this crap.”

This is probably the last time I’m linking to this kind of nonsense: from now on saving my energy and time spent on this blog for actual good, valuable content.