The smartest new product coming from Twitter in a long time?

According to Axios, Twitter is about to launch a new local weather news service, and, looking at the details, it looks very compelling:

The team will produce newsletters and exclusive long-form content on Twitter via the company’s newly-acquired newsletter platform Revue, as well as membership-specific short-form content for users, such as ticketed live audio sessions via Twitter “Spaces” and audience Q&A services.

The Q&A services will be unique to this model. Members can ask unlimited questions during breaking news weather events to meteorologists and climate experts, essentially scaling a function that Holthaus says has become second-nature for climate and weather experts on Twitter anyway.

This has to be the first time in years that I see Twitter come up with something that looks both perfectly integrated into their new ecosystem — namely Spaces and the Revue newsletter thing — and that truly fits the feel of what Twitter is. We still have to wait and see how it does, but, on paper, this is not only very smart, but it makes perfect sense. These are not terms I’ve used often with Twitter in the past.

The next step in this direction for Twitter seems quite obvious to me: replicate the same Tomorrow model but for individual sports and live television. Pretty sure Twitter is already working on a football publication for the next FIFA World Cup.