My favourite thing about the Mac

Andrew Canion, writing on his blog about his newly found appreciation of Tot, the note-taking app, and demonstrating its quality:

My friend and Hemispheric Views podcast co-host Martin Feld is Mr. Default. He likes Reminders. He like He likes Calendar. Not for him the world of OmniFocus, MailMate or Fantastical. No sirree. Keep it simple, keep it made by Apple. Except… he uses Tot. I’m sure he uses Notes as well, but Tot. Not Drafts.

I too can modestly call myself Mr Default. Switch ’Tot’ and ’Drafts’ in the quote and this is basically describing me. I’ve tried Tot myself, and I found it very well made, but I don’t have a use for it.

Currently on my Mac, I have only one app installed on which I’m writing this post. For the rest of my computing needs, the Mac default apps are great for me, and if I was asked “Why do you like the Mac so much?” I would probably put the quality of the default apps as the main reason, the OS itself probably close second, the Apple ecosystem third, and only then I’d say the hardware. more

To quote John Gruber from his 2017 post Apple’s China Problem: WeChat:

I would rather run MacOS on a ThinkPad than Windows on a MacBook Pro. Whenever I bring up this thought experiment — would you rather run Apple’s software platform on non-Apple hardware or run some other software platform on Apple hardware — I get email from readers who say they actually do choose Apple products, especially MacBooks, for the hardware. I believe them, but those are the sort of customers with the least loyalty to Apple. If all you depend on is, say, Chrome, a text editor, and a terminal, it’s easy to switch to another laptop brand.

Working all week on a Windows PC, I am quite sure that I’d make the same choice: give me MacOS on any piece of hardware rather than Windows on the best MacBook ever made.

P.S. — Canion’s blog is a Blot blog, like this one, and I believe based on the Diary template (just renamed the Blog template), same as the Jolly Teapot, so, as a Blot enthusiast, I have to mention it.