Regrets or humble brag?

Sheila Dang, reporting for Reuters:

“The biggest issue and my biggest regret is that it became a company,” Dorsey tweeted in response to a question about whether Twitter turned out the way he had envisioned. […] When asked about what structure he wished Twitter would operate under, Dorsey said that it should be “a protocol” and that Twitter should not be owned by a state or another company. If it were a protocol, Twitter would operate much like email, which is not controlled by one centralized entity, and people using different email providers are able to communicate with one another.

If only Jack Dorsey had been Twitter CEO for several years, or at least chairman of the board, maybe he would have done something to prevent Twitter from repeatedly rendering third-party clients completely useless through API changes, for starters.

Don’t get me wrong. I know that he is not saying: “this is what I wanted all along for Twitter.” I understand that he has regrets, and that if he were to do things differently, knowing what he knows today, he would. I think that he basically changed his mind about a lot of things since he stopped being the CEO, or maybe he stopped being the CEO because he knew that his wishes about where Twitter should go weren’t compatible with the position of CEO. We can even appreciate this sort of “mea culpa” from Dorsey, and maybe I am just being childish with my sarcasm.

Dorsey stands to receive $978 million if the agreement for billionaire Elon Musk to buy Twitter is completed.

Or maybe — just an idea — he could also just not tweet empty attempts at being cool and simply shut up?