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On the daily routine and multitasking

Lauren Goode, reviewing some new Logitech keyboard for Recode:

My typical day in front of the computer screen goes something like this: Browse Web. Check email. Check Twitter. Ping! Pick up phone. Check message. Respond. Put down phone.

Oh, remember that thing — did I ever pick up that thing? Pick up phone. Write it down in Notes. Or Evernote. Or OneNote. Any of the note apps. Check for more messages while on phone. Might as well check Instagram …. No! Focus! Phone down. Back to computer screen. Pop. It’s a Facebook message. One quick answer before turning back to … what was it? That email. The work one. Yes, more important. Be productive. Now. Whoooop! (iMessage).

Can a keyboard help this? I doubt it.

Nailed it. This is pretty much how I work everyday. Goode did an excellent job putting some words on it.

The keyboard looks pretty lame but I can see how someone would want the same keyboard for different devices.