What I am doing now

Very busy month at work: I’m afraid I won’t have enough energy to post regularly like I promised myself.

Seriously considering the deletion of my account on the pile of hot garbage that is now LinkedIn.

Still thinking of a RSS-friendly place where I could share one-line thoughts: why not the starred feed of my Feedbin account: this is what I used Twitter for, and I can’t always write a 500-word blog post for every bad joke I come up with. This is how it would work to post: I would just email my Feedbin-made-for-receiving-newsletter address, then “star” these text-only entries so that they are featured in my “starred” public feed. This is how it would work to read: just another RSS feed. I just need to find a way to display these on this website (optional), and a way change the name of that feed so that people subscribing to it don’t see a generic “Starred entry” in their RSS reader. To be continued… Let me know if you’d interested in subscribing to such a feed.

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