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19 September 2021

Apple Watch release cycle: Fancy new features vs. incremental improvements

12 September 2021

Does the algorithm work for you, or do you work for the algorithm?

6 September 2021

Browsing the web in 2021 is a terrible experience

23 August 2021

My favourite thing about the Mac

5 August 2021

My CSS stylesheet is now less than 1kb and it makes me happy

22 July 2021

The Macalope on the Washington Post’s article about Pegasus & iPhone

21 July 2021

On the new Safari UI, again

9 July 2021

Jerry Saltz: “My only work is to write for the reader”

8 July 2021

On the new Safari (which I like very much)

27 June 2021

Finally a folding phone review worth watching

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