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20 June 2021

Nine quick thoughts on WWDC 2021

Mail privacy, finally. →

19 June 2021

There is no place like home: Why I love to blog

It's good to be home. →

17 June 2021

Another area where Clubhouse is failing: blocking

Every day, another story about Clubhouse. →

1 June 2021

The smartest new product coming from Twitter in a long time?

Tomorrow is about the future of Twitter. →

22 April 2021

Why the iPad Pro needs its own “iPadProOS”

The iPad Pro needs, a better, more flexible and more powerful iPad OS to make its hardware sing. →

21 April 2021

It’s that time of year again

Please stop wishing for iPads and Macs to share the same OS. →

30 March 2021

The drop-in audio feature looks like it can succeed with or without Clubhouse

One of the companies will eventually have to drop out. →

24 March 2021

Medium joins the new publishing platform battle for independent voices

Yet another pivot for Medium. →

10 March 2021

The implicit and recent differences between the meanings of “follow” and “subscribe”

Soon, you won't be able to "subscribe" to podcasts on the Apple podcast app. →

6 March 2021

The quest for the perfect writing tool

On the joy of finding the best app for your needs. →

2 March 2021

A tool kit for the conspiracy-curious

Highly recommended. →


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