On the importance of the date

Date is a crucial indicator of the context of a news article, of a note, and of most things really. →

Ten perks of taking a walk every day

The commute substitute I need to function. →

Finding a native and fast text editor for the Mac in 2022

I guess the abundance of choice makes finding the right one difficult. →

Leaving Twitter but reading tweets via RSS

Twitter is at its best when it’s not surrounded by Twitter. →

Twitter verified accounts for Blue subscribers are live. Sort of. Somewhere. Soon.

Cue jokes about this not being rocket science. →

What CSS is best: external or internal?

I'm not an expert and I have some questions. →

Uncertainty is the main keyword of the Twitter takeover

Nobody knows what will happen at Twitter, not even Musk. →

Something is rotten in the state of Bing search

We all know Bing sucks, but it seems to be even worse than we collectively think. →

The Apple Watch could be much better for left-handed users

It's the little things you know. →

Back at using a proper content blocker on Safari

Can't live without them after all. →
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