Uncertainty is the main keyword of the Twitter takeover

Nobody knows what will happen at Twitter, not even Musk. →

Something is rotten in the state of Bing search

We all know Bing sucks, but it seems to be even worse than we collectively think. →

The Apple Watch could be much better for left-handed users

It's the little things you know. →

Back at using a proper content blocker on Safari

Can't live without them after all. →

Blocking JavaScript on a per-site basis with Safari

Turns out most of the webpages’ JavaScript is advertising nowadays. →

Mathematics, design, and convenience

Sometimes beauty is hidden in plain sight. →

Another spotlight on RSS

This time coming from an unexpected company. →

What is a website, according to Laurel Schwulst

One of my favourite read of the year. →

The real goal of the Apple Watch Ultra

For Apple, the Ultra is not about Garmin or climbing mountains. →

Regrets or humble brag?

Maybe billionaires should sometimes just shut up. →
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