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21 Oct. 2021

The future of Microsoft in smartphones continues to unfold, and it still sucks

Time for a… Duover. →

30 Sep. 2021

Abandoning Lightning for USB-C on the iPhone would not be progress

Lightning is good at what it does, simple as that. →

24 Sep. 2021

The European Commission wants to impose USB-C on most mobile devices

Too little, too late. →

19 Sep. 2021

Apple Watch release cycle: Fancy new features vs. incremental improvements

I’ll take the everyday-use improvements, thanks. →

12 Sep. 2021

Does the algorithm work for you, or do you work for the algorithm?

On the need for creators to play the algorithm games. →

6 Sep. 2021

Browsing the web in 2021 is a terrible experience

Yes, you need a content blocker. →

23 Aug. 2021

My favourite thing about the Mac

TL;DR: it's the default apps. →

5 Aug. 2021

My CSS stylesheet is now less than 1kb and it makes me happy

999 bytes of crafts and miracles. →

22 Jul. 2021

The Macalope on the Washington Post’s article about Pegasus & iPhone

Being more secure doesn't mean being spyware-proof. →

21 Jul. 2021

On the new Safari UI, again

Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between new and good. →

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