Tumblr: the future-minded social platform for nostalgic users

→ Yet another article about Tumblr: is this 2014 already?

Working on the website instead of the blog itself

→ 10 things that were updated and changed on this site.

Having a blog is good, writing on it is better

→ Or how to procrastinate by updating your website’s design.

Tumblr, without ever really leaving, is back (apparently)

→ Does it mean the good internet is coming back too?

Bear: an interesting, worth-knowing, and fast blogging platform

→ A blogging platform to write blog posts, believe it or not…

YouTube keeps on letting misinformation spread and reach millions of people

→ Every year a new headline, nothing changes.

My first and last post on Web3

→ And don’t get me started on NFTs.

Can Ben Smith’s new media venture be the one I’ve been looking for?

→ Global, international, in English? You've got my attention.

A break was needed

→ 2022 should see me read more and write more on this blog.

The future of Microsoft in smartphones continues to unfold, and it still sucks

→ Time for a… Duover.

Abandoning Lightning for USB-C on the iPhone would not be progress

→ Lightning is good at what it does, simple as that.

The European Commission wants to impose USB-C on most mobile devices

→ Too little, too late.
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