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Abandoning Lightning for USB-C on the iPhone would not be progress

The European Commission wants to impose USB-C on most mobile devices

Apple Watch release cycle: Fancy new features vs. incremental improvements

Browsing the web in 2021 is a terrible experience

My favourite thing about the Mac

The Macalope on the Washington Post’s article about Pegasus & iPhone

On the new Safari UI, again

On the new Safari (which I like very much)

Nine quick thoughts on WWDC 2021

Why the iPad Pro needs its own “iPadProOS”

It’s that time of year again

The implicit and recent differences between the meanings of “follow” and “subscribe”

The quest for the perfect writing tool

How I use Drafts as my text editor

What’s on my Mac — 2021 edition

The best explainer of what Apple is doing with the new iOS privacy-related feature

Uninstalling apps

Looking back at my short list of Apple wishes from April

“The canary in the coal mine about the corrupting power of the App Store”

MacBook Air 2020: Thoughts from an average user

iPhone SE: great for buyers, even better for Apple

Another advantage of the iPhone SE to consider for Apple

The iPhone SE, the irregular iPhone

Why there are no software equivalents of Rolex

Things I want Apple to adopt rather sooner than later

What’s on my Mac — 2020 edition

The iPad turns ten

How to install an AppleScript and save a lot of time writing blog posts

Apple has underestimated what the iPad can do for too long

A new way to interact with the iPad

On finding the perfect text editor: the one that’s right for you

The right price to pay for your main computer camera and much more

We should not learn about key iPhone features in a news report

Tech & lifestyle novelties of the year 2019

The advantages of integration, the downsides of a monopoly

On the word “design”

The Fitbit acquisition is the easy way for Google to appear relevant in wearables

Night mode is à la mode

Good bye iTunes, I owe you so much

Should you cover your PC’s webcam? No, unless you still use software from ten years ago

What will come first? USB-C iPhone or no-port iPhone? Either way, Lightning seems here to stay

MacBook or Mac Pro: Which will be the first Mac to fully run on Apple processors?

My phone’s homescreen, November 2018 edition

How good is the new iPad Pro for photographers

The new iPad Pro

Global smartphone shipments down 60 percent

What dedicated cameras are missing to compete with phones in the future

No publishing technology is eternal

Apps and services I like and use

iOS 9 content blocking will transform the mobile web

Using an iPod Touch as an iPhone replacement

Windows Phone is dead, this time it seems to be for real

Technology resolutions for 2015

David Kelley on design-thinking, Steve Jobs, and life

Not caviar, but better tasting crackers

Nokia Maps are coming to the iPhone

Don’t believe the hype


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