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Looking back at my short list of Apple wishes from April
1 October 2020

Microsoft Surface Duo first impressions: first-gen device, immature vision
12 August 2020

Missing the point reviewing the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
5 June 2020

When your PR services appear to be like the devices you sell: refurbished
5 May 2020

MacBook Air 2020: Thoughts from an average user
23 April 2020

Another advantage of the iPhone SE to consider for Apple
16 April 2020

iPhone SE: great for buyers, even better for Apple
16 April 2020

The iPhone SE, the irregular iPhone
16 April 2020

Things I want Apple to adopt rather sooner than later
11 April 2020

The iPad turns ten
4 April 2020

Apple has underestimated what the iPad can do for too long
28 March 2020

A new way to interact with the iPad
25 March 2020

How a new keyboard made me buy the 2020 MacBook Air
22 March 2020

Samsung unveils its second modern-era folding device
12 February 2020

The right price to pay for your main computer camera and much more
12 February 2020

Quick thoughts on the new Motorola Razr folding-phone
14 November 2019

On the word “design”
11 November 2019

The Fitbit acquisition is the easy way for Google to appear relevant in wearables
6 November 2019

Should you cover your PC’s webcam? No, unless you still use software from ten years ago
10 February 2019

What will come first? USB-C iPhone or no-port iPhone? Either way, Lightning seems here to stay
16 November 2018

MacBook or Mac Pro: Which will be the first Mac to fully run on Apple processors?
13 November 2018

How good is the new iPad Pro for photographers
9 November 2018

The new iPad Pro
5 November 2018

Essential no more
24 October 2018

What dedicated cameras are missing to compete with phones in the future
21 October 2018

OnePlus reveals the OnePlus 6
16 May 2018

On the latest Microsoft surface devices
8 October 2015

Using an iPod Touch as an iPhone replacement
15 August 2015

Windows Phone is dead, this time it seems to be for real
8 July 2015

Technology resolutions for 2015
9 January 2015

On the daily routine and multitasking
30 September 2014

Not caviar, but better tasting crackers
9 January 2013

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