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Having a blog is good, writing on it is better

Tumblr, without ever really leaving, is back (apparently)

YouTube keeps on letting misinformation spread and reach millions of people

My first and last post on Web3

Ben Smith’s new media venture could be the one I’ve been looking for

A break was needed

Does the algorithm work for you, or do you work for the algorithm?

Browsing the web in 2021 is a terrible experience

Jerry Saltz: “My only work is to write for the reader”

There is no place like home: Why I love to blog

Another area where Clubhouse is failing: blocking

The smartest new product coming from Twitter in a long time?

The drop-in audio feature looks like it can succeed with or without Clubhouse

Medium joins the new publishing platform battle for independent voices

The implicit and recent differences between the meanings of “follow” and “subscribe”

Platforms are now mimicking the way we share content on platforms

More platforms, more money?

A Clubhouse Story

What is the biggest threat to Clubhouse: Twitter, Facebook, or Clubhouse itself?

If you decide to join Clubhouse, avoid sharing your contact list

The best explainer of what Apple is doing with the new iOS privacy-related feature

“Twitter’s ban of the president is proof of the company’s unprecedented and unaccountable power”

The Stories of social media

Nobody gives a crap about Google’s monopoly on search, not even Google

Point of entry, browser & advertising: Google pretty much owns the web

Beautiful illustrations and a peculiar Instagram description

“I’ve fallen in love with blogging again”

Why it makes sense for news orgs to remove their paywalls during the coronavirus crisis

A new (old) way to follow The Jolly Teapot

Be ready for what is coming on LinkedIn, or don’t

Moving a blog from Squarespace to Blot

Media coverage of Kobe Bryant’s death was a chaotic mess

If you want to boycott the New York Times, just subscribe to another publication instead

Twitter may succeed in building a decentralised standard for social media but probably won’t

Content Creation: A New Hope

Listening to podcasts at higher speeds

How to behave when you encounter a viral story

Subscription cannot be the only business model for journalism to survive

Media execs and poor decisions

Time, thoughts, tools: pick two

Social media is not all that bad if you listen to teenagers

What happens to web traffic patterns when Facebook goes down

European nations and their wish of not becoming digital colonies

What if viral content is not the best content?

One of the best Instagram accounts

On blogging every single day

Live the internet at your own pace

Twitter as a tool to manipulate trolls

Onion social

Wasting time on the internet and digital boredom

Come for the rant about emails, stay for the gif

A depressing picture of the Instagram situation

Five social media trends for brands in 2016

No publishing technology is eternal

Is Twitter at risk of becoming irrelevant?

How Twitter might change without the 140 characters limit

Focus, avoid social clutter, get your time back

Apps and services I like and use

2015 was the year of the email newsletters comeback

Facebook’s Instant Articles are looking great

A good article about notifications with a poor title

The Twitter withdrawal

Twitter is facing its end as we know it

Technology resolutions for 2015

Do not get lost following anybody on Twitter

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