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A tool kit for the conspiracy-curious
2 March 2021

How I use Drafts as my text editor
28 February 2021

Semicolon wisdom
20 February 2021

The little problems of the big 432 Park Avenue building
7 February 2021

List of 68 unsolicited tips to improve your life
4 May 2020

On decision, perfection, and better translations
4 May 2020

Beautifully written story about the closure of a famous New York restaurant
24 April 2020

Logos, memory, accuracy: pick two
22 April 2020

“I’ve fallen in love with blogging again”
12 April 2020

Why there are no software equivalents of Rolex
12 April 2020

The Onion on Zoom
10 April 2020

The challenges of translating a video game into 17 languages
5 April 2020

A new (old) way to follow The Jolly Teapot
31 March 2020

What is it like to be a copywriter in a company
31 March 2020

Be ready for what is coming on LinkedIn, or don’t
28 March 2020

Gorgeous photographs of empty, usually busy streets
24 March 2020

Laughter is the best medicine
23 March 2020

Where to eat good tapas in Madrid, and more
10 February 2020

What it feels like to live abroad as a student
23 January 2020

Last December
11 December 2019

“The Queen is the only person I’ve ever been nervous of photographing”
17 November 2019

On the word “design”
11 November 2019

If it looks good, it must sound good right?
9 November 2019

Tashkent metro photographs
9 November 2019

Xennials/Millennials? Gen-x/Gen-Y
4 November 2019

A great little game to enjoy
3 November 2019

If you ever booked a flat on Airbnb, you should read this
2 November 2019

The best soundtrack for your work day
2 August 2019

In the Mojave desert, the dream city that was never built
3 June 2019

When politicians try to sell you congestion and traffic as part of your identity
31 May 2019

Time, thoughts, tools: pick two
28 May 2019

When you think of a pencil you probably picture it yellow: This is why
28 November 2018

Michel Gondry: “I don’t believe in superheroes, I think it’s a worse way of being a nerd”
27 November 2018

The definitive minimalist ressource on minimalism
26 November 2018

“I’m a nomad who goes nowhere” — Portrait of a young shepherd in France
21 November 2018

The year 2000, imagined by an illustrator in the year 1899
19 November 2018

What a typical afternoon spent working in a café looks like
15 November 2018

On being a boss, by Kara Swisher
11 November 2018

On blogging every single day
8 November 2018

Video of outer Shanghai shows an infinity of buildings
4 November 2018

My least favourite quote from my favourite writer
22 October 2018

The worst possible way to get caught forging documents
13 July 2018

Have it in French: “je supporte la France mais la France m’insupporte”
9 July 2018

Twitter as a tool to manipulate trolls
28 June 2018

Finding old photographs in the attic, USSR edition
27 June 2018

Incredible depiction of the asteroid that wiped off more than 75% of Earth species
26 June 2018

Onion social
18 June 2018

Musk gets closer and closer to become a typical Bond villain
29 May 2018

Fascinating trivia from John Carpenter’s The Thing
25 May 2018

Elon Musk gets a pass for simply being ignorant
24 May 2018

Improving traffic in New York City
17 May 2018

Prince detailed discography as a website
11 May 2018

Come for the rant about emails, stay for the gif
10 May 2018

Don’t read this if you don’t want to get mad
9 May 2018

Living in the desert
23 December 2015

Technology resolutions for 2015
9 January 2015

On the daily routine and multitasking
30 September 2014

Kowloon walled city, 1989
28 June 2013

David Kelley on design-thinking, Steve Jobs, and life
13 January 2013

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