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“Twitter’s ban of the [US] president is proof of the company’s unprecedented and unaccountable power”
12 January 2021

The Stories of social media
26 November 2020

When software speaks its mind (sort of)
21 November 2020

Uninstalling apps
11 November 2020

Looking back at my short list of Apple wishes from April
1 October 2020

Nobody seems to give a crap about Google’s monopoly on search, not even Google
29 September 2020

Samsung commits to deliver three years of Android updates for its phones
18 August 2020

Point of entry, browser tech, and advertising: Google pretty much owns the web
17 August 2020

“The canary in the coal mine about the corrupting power of the App Store”
17 August 2020

Microsoft Surface Duo first impressions: first-gen device, immature vision
12 August 2020

Missing the point reviewing the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
5 June 2020

When your PR services appear to be like the devices you sell: refurbished
5 May 2020

MacBook Air 2020: Thoughts from an average user
23 April 2020

iPhone SE: great for buyers, even better for Apple
16 April 2020

Another advantage of the iPhone SE to consider for Apple
16 April 2020

The iPhone SE, the irregular iPhone
16 April 2020

Why there are no software equivalents of Rolex
12 April 2020

Things I want Apple to adopt rather sooner than later
11 April 2020

The Onion on Zoom
10 April 2020

The challenges of translating a video game into 17 languages
5 April 2020

The iPad turns ten
4 April 2020

What’s on my Mac — 2020 edition
4 April 2020

Zoom may not be trust-worthy, but sadly their recent success may already protect them
4 April 2020

Now that many commuters are staying home, what does it means for podcast listening?
1 April 2020

How to install an AppleScript and save a lot of time writing blog posts
29 March 2020

Be ready for what is coming on LinkedIn, or don’t
28 March 2020

Apple has underestimated what the iPad can do for too long
28 March 2020

A new way to interact with the iPad
25 March 2020

On finding the perfect text editor: the one that’s right for you
25 March 2020

How a new keyboard made me buy the 2020 MacBook Air
22 March 2020

Moving a blog from Squarespace to Blot
21 March 2020

The right price to pay for your main computer camera and much more
12 February 2020

Samsung unveils its second modern-era folding device
12 February 2020

We should not learn about key iPhone features in a news report
22 January 2020

Twitter may succeed in building a decentralised standard for social media but probably won’t
12 December 2019

Content Creation: A New Hope
5 December 2019

Listening to podcasts at higher speeds
4 December 2019

How to behave when you encounter a viral story
3 December 2019

Tech & lifestyle novelties of the year 2019
25 November 2019

“Nobody recruited me”: Barbara Liskov on design, AI, and being a woman in computer science
21 November 2019

The advantages of integration, the downsides of a monopoly
19 November 2019

Quick thoughts on the new Motorola Razr folding-phone
14 November 2019

On the word “design”
11 November 2019

If it looks good, it must sound good right?
9 November 2019

The Fitbit acquisition is the easy way for Google to appear relevant in wearables
6 November 2019

A great little game to enjoy
3 November 2019

Night mode is à la mode
12 September 2019

Good bye iTunes, I owe you so much
20 June 2019

Time, thoughts, tools: pick two
28 May 2019

Should you cover your PC’s webcam? No, unless you still use software from ten years ago
10 February 2019

Social media is not all that bad if you listen to teenagers
29 November 2018

What happens to web traffic patterns when Facebook goes down
24 November 2018

European nations and their wish of not becoming digital colonies
20 November 2018

What will come first? USB-C iPhone or no-port iPhone? Either way, Lightning seems here to stay
16 November 2018

One of the best Instagram accounts
14 November 2018

MacBook or Mac Pro: Which will be the first Mac to fully run on Apple processors?
13 November 2018

How good is the new iPad Pro for photographers
9 November 2018

On blogging every single day
8 November 2018

The new iPad Pro
5 November 2018

Global smartphone shipments down 60 percent
2 November 2018

Live the internet at your own pace
1 November 2018

DNA test or fancy horoscope?
25 October 2018

Essential no more
24 October 2018

What dedicated cameras are missing to compete with phones in the future
21 October 2018

The worst possible way to get caught forging documents
13 July 2018

Twitter as a tool to manipulate trolls
28 June 2018

Instapaper is temporarily shutting off access for Europea users due to GDPR
27 June 2018

Onion social
18 June 2018

Musk gets closer and closer to become a typical Bond villain
29 May 2018

The hottest fashion trend
27 May 2018

Elon Musk gets a pass for simply being ignorant
24 May 2018

By the end of this year Bitcoin could be using 05% of the world’s total consumption of electricity
23 May 2018

Wasting time on the internet and digital boredom
22 May 2018

The cost of free platforms
21 May 2018

OnePlus reveals the OnePlus 6
16 May 2018

US intelligence mentions risks of buying Chinese phones, provides no evidence
14 May 2018

Come for the rant about emails, stay for the gif
10 May 2018

Don’t read this if you don’t want to get mad
9 May 2018

A depressing picture of the Instagram situation
8 May 2018

No publishing technology is eternal
8 April 2017

How Twitter might change without the 140 characters limit
8 April 2017

Is Twitter at risk of becoming irrelevant?
8 April 2017

Five social media trends for brands in 2016
8 April 2017

Focus, avoid social clutter, get your time back
4 November 2016

Apps and services I like and use
26 February 2016

On the latest Microsoft surface devices
8 October 2015

Twitter for power users and the other Twitter
8 October 2015

iOS 9 content blocking will transform the mobile web
24 August 2015

Using an iPod Touch as an iPhone replacement
15 August 2015

Windows Phone is dead, this time it seems to be for real
8 July 2015

Facebook’s Instant Articles are looking great
13 May 2015

A good article about notifications with a poor title
9 May 2015

The Twitter withdrawal
8 May 2015

Twitter is facing its end as we know it
15 April 2015

Technology resolutions for 2015
9 January 2015

Do not get lost following anybody on Twitter
11 November 2014

The new Windows is probably a safe bet for Microsoft
2 October 2014

On the daily routine and multitasking
30 September 2014

David Kelley on design-thinking, Steve Jobs, and life
13 January 2013

Not caviar, but better tasting crackers
9 January 2013

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